Rail & Stay Holidays
Travelling by train is the quintessential way to tour Europe. Travel in comfort, even the most basic second-class train accommodation is roomier and more comfortable than any economy seat on a plane. With more than 250,000 kilometres of tracks and thousands of rail stations, trains will take you everywhere; from main cities to remote villages, from seaside resorts to ski resorts and even from one country to another!

Reasons to travel by train:
  • Money saver
  • More comfort
  • Stops in city centre
  • Eco-friendly
  • Local experience
Explore our Rail Packages. We have a variety of destinations to suit everyone.
Italy Rome (3 Nights), Florence (2 Nights) & Venice (2 Nights)
Spain Barcelona (2 Nights), Valencia (2 Nights) & Madrid (3 Nights)
Central Europe Prague (3 Nights), Budapest (3 Nights) & Vienna (3 Nights)
Classic Europe 
 Paris (3 Nights), Brussels (2 Nights) & Amsterdam (2 Nights)
Italy     Florence (3 Nights), Pisa (1 Night) & La Spezia (3 Nights)
France Paris (3 Nights), Avignon (2 Nights) & Nice (2 Nights)
United Kingdom
 London (4 Nights) & Edinburgh (3 Nights)
Ireland Dublin (3 Nights) & Belfast (2 Nights)
Venice to Rome is our most sold rail journey, watch this video below if you are thinking of this trip - it is the gateway journey to enjoying Italy - the most sold destination by United Europe.