General Cancellation Policy



Dear Consumer,


CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT (‘CPA’ NOTICE - Please read the following carefully & proceed accordingly):



1.         Please (1) SKIP the next two ‘bullets’ (2) peruse our website at your leisure & submit your enquiry to us by completing the template ‘Enquiry Form’ & submit.

2.         However, if in the process of perusing our website or any of the hyperlinked websites you come across anything that is not clear, please go to our ‘FAQ’ link as it may clarify what you are not sure about.

3.         If you are still in a quandary, then please go to our ‘CONTACT US’ link & submit your question to us.    



·          The CPA in section 49 requires of us to bring to your attention certain aspects – we’ve done that by underlining certain clauses.

·          The CPA in section 49 also requires of us to ‘Spell out’ risk(s) of certain aspects & activities – these clauses are underlined and/or in bold, by ticking the acceptance of the general terms and conditions on the website, it is deemed that you have read, understood & accepted all clauses - if any of these are still not clear or you need any further explanation, DO NOT accept the T&C & go to ‘ONLY AN ENQUIRY’ above & follow those steps

·          The CPA in section 41 also requires of us to clarify any ‘apparent misapprehension’ you may have – if you have such a ‘misapprehension’ DO NOT accept the T&C & go back to ‘ONLY AN ENQUIRY’ above & follow those steps

·          If anything is STILL not clear or your STILL have a ’misapprehension’ or FAQ has not answered your question(s), mail or phone or visit us AGAIN BEFORE completing any ‘tick box’

·          If you are finally satisfied that all your queries have been addressed to your satisfaction, then (1) Read the T&C, (2) ticket the box accepting the general terms and conditions, and (3) proceed.


United Europe is a trading division of United Europe Travel Services (Pty) Ltd Company Number 2010/024151/07, having its Registered Office address at Unit 816/2, Hammets Crossing Office Park, 2 Selbourne Road, Fourways, Sandton, 2191 (Hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’, ‘we’ and ‘us’) . ‘The Standard Terms and Conditions of Fair Trade’ (‘the STC) sets out what you are legally entitled to expect from us when you buy a Package / Holiday / Accommodation / Flights / Transfers / Transport or any other product or service from us (hereafter, a ‘Holiday’).


1. Your Booking

Whether you book alone or as a group, we will only deal with the lead booking name in all subsequent correspondence including changes, amendments and cancellations. You must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking and possess the legal capacity and to book as the lead booking name and travel on holidays with us and take up the offers advertised by us if they are still available. You will also be deemed to be duly authorised by each individual member of the group (‘the Group’) listed on the booking. As such you will be furthermore be responsible for and be deemed to be duly authorised by the Group to ensure the accuracy of the personal details or any other information supplied in respect of yourself and the Group and for passing on any information regarding the booking or any changes made in relation thereto, to all persons travelling on such booking, including but not limited to information on schedule changes or copies of booking confirmations.

In addition, if your holiday includes a flight, you are also responsible for

(a) notifying us prior to the time of booking of any personal circumstances and needs pertaining to a person included in the booking including, without limitation, whether any such person is not self-reliant or is a person with reduced mobility; and

(b) notifying us at any time from the time of booking until 48 hours prior to the flight’s departure by calling our call centre if any person travelling on the booking has ceased to be self-reliant or a person with reduced mobility or if a person previously reported to be with reduced mobility or as not being self-reliant does no longer fall into either category.

It is a condition of your booking with us that you and all other members of your party, including infants and children, are adequately insured on holiday (See clause 6 below). Any person who is under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult on his or her journey. There may be other restrictions and conditions on some offers, but these are explained in the details of those offers and it is your obligation to peruse such offers in detail and to advise us timeously if you have any concerns.

Booking procedure: When you or (if you are booking through a travel agent) your travel agent ask for your booking to be confirmed, we will confirm the booking there and then, and set aside your chosen holiday for you. In some cases, certain services and products will not be booked unless full payment has been received. These services and products usually carry a NON-REFUNDABLE and NO-AMENDMENT policy and will be made clear at the time of booking. In these instances, only after receipt of full payment will a NON-REFUNDABLE booking (or specific booking element) be confirmed.


Next, we will send you or your travel agent a Confirmation Invoice.

All invoices are strictly valid for 24 hours. Should there be any delays between the issuing of an invoice and receipt of payment (more than 24 hours), and should there be a change on availability or price, any monies paid will be refunded or a new invoice issued before the booking is confirmed. We may not be able to confirm some of our ground arrangements straight away (e.g. bespoke accommodation, rail, tours etc.), in these instances, a full invoice will be delayed until confirmation has been received.


If there is any change to any of the details discussed at the time of booking, before the Confirmation Invoice is issued, we will notify you promptly of any new or changed details, including a change to the total price (if any).


If any detail on the Confirmation invoice is not correct tell us or your travel agent immediately. If there is an error (obvious or otherwise) on the Confirmation Invoice, we reserve the right to correct it as soon as we become aware of it or it is drawn to our attention.


The contractual terms of Our Agreement apply between you and us because you have chosen to book a Holiday with us and such terms are contained exclusively in the STC as well as the terms and conditions of any third party who may supply goods and/or services as part of your Holiday (‘Third Party Suppliers’ and ‘Third Party T&C’), the details of which we will provide you with or access to at the time of your booking and it is your duty to read and familiarise yourself therewith as you are deemed to have read, understood and to have accepted it on your own behalf and on behalf of your group once you’ve booked your Holiday with us.


2. The Price

All prices we advertise are accurate and the product is available at the date published, but we reserve the right to change any of those prices from time to time. We will nevertheless endeavour to advise you of any changes in writing as soon as possible.


All pricing is subject to availability and exchange rate fluctuations. The Company uses a live inventory system, backed up by an automatic exchange rate feed, meaning (unless otherwise indicated) all services and products are available and delays in booking / payment will result in availability and price changes.


After a Confirmation Invoice has been sent to you, and you have paid in full (or a specified deposit) within 24 hours of receipt of that invoice, and you have received a confirmation email from the Company stating that such payment has been received, there will be no changes in price (unless a deposit has been paid – in which case the balance due is subject to foreign exchange rate fluctuations), unless amendments or additions are made by you.


A City tax, also sometimes called tourist tax is compulsory in some cities. It applies to everybody and is collected by the owner of the accommodation. The amount of city tax varies according to the hotel classification and the town. City taxes vary between €0.20 and €7.00 (and sometimes more) per person per day. This tax is to be paid by the PASSENGER directly at the hotel before the end of the stay. Therefore, no pricing issued by the Company will include any local taxes or charges.


Car hire companies do not allow the Company to charge for certain extras such as (but not limited to) top-up insurances, extra driver charges, GPS systems, one-way drop offs etc. These are charges that must be paid by you directly at the commencement or end of your relationship with that third party supplier.


Rail passes do not include compulsory seat reservations. These charges must be paid in the country you wish to travel in and at the time you book the appropriate service you require.


While it is possible to break away from planned holiday itineraries, it is understood that such breakaways will be for the Client’s account.


3. If UE cancels your booking

We aim to provide your Holiday. But if, for example, there are not enough people booked on your Holiday, should it be a scheduled departure (which will be explained at time of enquiry), or you do not pay the balance of the Holiday price on time, we may cancel it. We reserve the right to cancel your Holiday in any circumstances but if we cancel your Holiday you can either have a full refund or accept a replacement Holiday from us of equivalent or closely similar standard and price (if one is available). Should you choose this option the terms and conditions of your Holiday will not change and these conditions will still apply to your replacement holiday. Unless we cancel your Holiday because you do not pay us the balance of the Holiday price or because of one of the events listed in the ‘events beyond our control’ below, we will always refund the difference in price if the replacement holiday is of a lower standard and price. We will not cancel your Holiday less than two weeks before you go (excepting no full payment), unless this is the result of one of the events in the ‘events beyond our control’.


4. If the Company or our Third Party Suppliers change your booking

We hope that we will not have to make any change to your Holiday but, because holidays are planned many months in advance, but we sometimes do need to make changes. We reserve the right to do this at any time. We will let you or your travel agent know about any important changes when you book. If you have already booked, we will let you know as soon as we can, if there is time before your departure. Should you have travelled, please consider allowing us other contact methods (clause 17 below)


Major changes to your Holiday  

Occasionally, we will be forced to make major changes to your Holiday. If we tell you about any of these changes after we have received payment for your Holiday, we will generally be able to offer at least one of the three options below, but as each case is different, other options could be available instead of these:

- accept the new arrangements offered by us; or

- accept a replacement holiday from us of equivalent or closely similar standard and price; Or

- cancel your Holiday and receive a full refund of all monies paid.


‘events beyond our control’

Events beyond our control include: Force Majeure, war, threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity and its consequences, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics, health risks and pandemics, unavoidable and unforeseeable technical problems with transport for reasons beyond our control or that of our suppliers; closed or congested airports or ports, hurricanes and other actual or potential severe weather conditions, and any other similar events. We will be guided by official announcements issued by the South African government and/or the country (ies) of your Holiday destination and/or transit and in making our decisions we endeavour in our sole discretion to make the decision that we deem to be the best for all passengers on the same journey and/or route.


5. Holiday complaints?

We can usually resolve any complaints you may have. It is imperative that you contact our local Third Party Supplier as soon as the issue becomes apparent and please keep a written record of all issues and communications. 90% of all complaints can be resolved at this point and because of this fact, we cannot be held responsible for the actions of Third Party Suppliers (should they wish to pass on no compensation) if they are not given ample opportunity to correct the complaint at the time it happens. All contact details for us and our Third Party Suppliers will be issued to you as part of your travel documents.


In terms of our contractual agreement with individual service providers, any problems experienced with your holiday arrangements must immediately be bought to the attention of either the service provider or our associate office, who will do all possible to assist in resolving the cause of your dissatisfaction. Complaints which are not brought to the attention of the service provider / our associate office during your stay cannot be dealt with after your return to South Africa, unless the service provider has been fully briefed about the circumstances in respect of which a formal written complaint is to be lodged, upon your return.


The Client acknowledges that it has selected the itinerary and destination(s) constituting the Booking based on information gleaned from brochures and/or the Internet. It also acknowledges that certain of such brochures and/or the Internet have been compiled and are managed and up-dated by the Principals over which the Company has no control. Accordingly the Company cannot and does not guarantee that the itinerary and/or any destinations will comply in whole or in part with such brochure and/or the Internet. Any right of recourse in that regard will be against the Principal.


Descriptions of the Services and/or Products and their facilities and amenities are provided by the providers of such services or products: Whilst we make every effort to ensure that descriptions and information are accurate, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. Notwithstanding the fact that the providers of said services and products are the providers of their said descriptions; changes may occur which are beyond our control. In the interests of continued improvement, accommodation establishments may alter furniture, fittings, amenities, facilities and/or service providers may alter any part of any activities they offer, either advertised or previously available, without prior notice to us. Hotels will also show the effects of normal wear and tear and these too are also beyond our control. However, overseas products and services and accommodation grading can be lower or of a different standard than that experienced in South Africa, for example there are many hotels in other countries that consider themselves to be of a certain standard, i.e. 4 stars, when in reality, South African standards would be of a higher expectation and standard. We will not accept any claim for compensation based on any description or information either provided or missing.


If we still cannot agree on any issues you may have had on your Holiday, you can take the matter to an arbitrator, in South Africa; this would normally be ASATA or the Consumer Goods and Services Ombudsman.



All tours are booked and arrangements are made on the express condition that The Company, its employees and agents, shall not be responsible for, and shall be exempt from, all liability in respect of loss (financial or otherwise), damage, accident, injury, death, harm, illness, harm, trauma, delay or inconvenience to any Client (which shall be deemed to include the heirs, executors, administrators or assigns of the Client whether on the tour or journey or not), to or of their luggage, or other property, wherever, whenever and however the same may occur and whether or not arising from any act, omission, default, or negligence on the part of the Company whatsoever, unless such claim is for injury or death and due to a negligent act or omission of Company. Such liability will be subject to a limitation of R10 000, 00 (Ten Thousand Rand) per Client per Booking. The Client indemnifies and holds harmless the Company, its employees and agents accordingly. The Company, its employees and agents shall further more not be liable for any consequential or indirect loss or damages whatsoever, unless section 61 of the CPA applies.


7. Excursions

We are a wholesaler of European products and services; as a result we will endeavour to introduce you only to reputable Third Party Suppliers. If you choose to enter into a contract for the provision of excursions or other leisure services, your contract will be with that Third Party Suppliers directly and we act only in the capacity of an agent, and therefore would have no liability for the proper performance of that contract.


8. Your contract

By asking us or your travel agent to confirm your Holiday, you are accepting yourself and on behalf of the Group that the T&C, which incorporate the information, restrictions and obligations set out in your quote and/or itinerary, and the conditions of any terms and conditions of carriage – see Conditions of Your Ticket – constitute the entire agreement between us with regard to your Holiday. You also consent to our processing* personal information* about you and the Group (*both terms as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act, Act number 4 of 2013 – ‘the POPI’). Where the context permits, reference to “you” and “your” will include you and the Group. Your contract with us shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of South Africa. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Africa over any claim or matter arising under or in connection with the Holiday.


9. Paying

If you do not pay in full, you will be required to pay a deposit to us for each person when you book based on any deposit conditions set out by our third party providers, or if this is within 30 days of departure when the full amount for the Holiday is payable. The deposit amount will be specified by us directly or via your travel agent when your Holiday is booked. If it is not specified then it will be the amount that we ask you to pay when you book, even if this is 100% of the Holiday price.  


If a deposit is paid, the balance due is subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Deposits will only be accepted on components of a holiday that allow such payment plans, and any deposit paid will be subject to the deposit conditions of any appropriate third party who may supply goods and/or services as part of your Holiday.


Please note, there is no fixed rule in terms of the amount of deposit payable, your booking deposit may be increased or there may be a charge payable for some accommodation, holidays or flight bookings where it is necessary to secure specific facilities with full payment at the time of booking e.g. sport bookings, weddings, coach touring and specific types of airline tickets. Once confirmed, the booking deposit, additional charges paid and insurance premiums will not be refunded in the event of cancellation except in the circumstances specified in Sections 2, 3 or 4 or as otherwise required by law.


You must pay the amount on the last Invoice issued by us, at least 30 days before you go on your Holiday. If you don’t, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled and you will forfeit any deposits paid.


If you pay money for your booking to a travel agent appointed by us, they will hold that money as our agent from the time they receive it until they pay the money to us.


We do accept credit cards (MasterCard and Visa only). All payments via credit card must be conducted via our 3D secure online payment site (


EFT or cash deposits into our bank accounts will be accepted and verified as payment once our accountants have confirmed that the funds have cleared. No cheques will be accepted.


Documents (vouchers, itineraries etc.) are only prepared and released on receipt of payment of Tour Price in full.


10. If you change your Holiday after payment (in full or deposit)

1.         If you want to change any details of your Holiday (such as changing to a different hotel or cruise or changing a name in your booking) you have booked, we will do our best to help. Depending on the type of service or product change you require and the time before the intended use of that service or product, there could be an amendment and/or cancellation fee up to 100% (see section 11) of the cost of that element – any such issues will be addressed with you before cancellations are made.

2.         The price of your new travel arrangements will be based on the prices that apply on the day you ask for the change. These prices may not be the same as when you initially booked and paid your Holiday.

3.         Name change, and or departure details such as date and time changes are almost never allowed by airlines and other transport providers and if allowed, will entail an additional cost. Whilst we will do our best to change the details of the Holiday, please bear in mind that most airlines and other transport providers treat name and departure detail changes as a cancellation and charge accordingly. These charges will be passed on to you. Once tickets have been issued, and many times before they have been issued, any changes made to the ticket, including names or initials, will result in you having to pay for the cancelled ticket and buy a new ticket at full cost.

4.         Some types of accommodation (such as apartments, or hotel rooms with reductions for three adults) are priced according to the number of people staying there. If your Holiday changes because someone in your party cancels, we will recalculate your Holiday cost based on the new number of people going. If fewer people share the accommodation, then the cost for them may go up. This extra cost is not a cancellation charge.

5.         Subject always to clause 10.3, if you are prevented from taking the Holiday, you may be able to transfer your booking to another person, provided you meet the following conditions, and any other conditions stipulated by our third party product and service providers:

-           You must authorise us to make the transfer;

-           The person to whom you transfer your holiday booking must comply with all the terms of the existing booking;

-           That person must accept the transfer and the terms of Our Agreement;

-           We will also charge amendment and / or cancellation fees in accordance with section 11.1. This will be added to the new Invoice issued to that person;

-           You cannot transfer a holiday booking within 14 days of departure; and

-           You will remain responsible for the payment of any balance on that new Invoice should that person fail to pay it.


11. If you cancel your booking

If you want to cancel your Holiday or part of it, you or your travel agent must advise us in writing. Once we receive your notice of cancellation you should expect to receive a Cancellation Invoice. If you do not then please contact us.


We generally charge no cancellation fees except those that are applied by our third party service and product suppliers; however, the company reserves the right to apply a cancellation charge if required. All cancellation charges are specified on all product and service vouchers.


There will be a small charge, applicable at the time, if the payment was made via the online payment gateway.


Furthermore, you will be reimbursed any monies in the same manner as we received it, therefore, any credit card payments will be paid back to a credit card, and EFT payments paid back to the agent’s bank account or the account of the lead person on the booking (should that have been the source of the payment), less any applicable bank charges.


Should any travel documents be issued, such as (but not limited to) rail tickets, ferry tickets and flight tickets, no refunds will be issued on these items until we are paid the appropriate amount from the third party supplier. It is important to note that a refund of these items takes a considerable time and is impossible to achieve without the physical tickets in our hands – all documents of this nature must be returned before any refunds are even possible. Any courier fees relating to the refund of these items will be charged back to you.


Please note that for certain travel arrangements e.g. Sports Packages, certain Rail tickets, any non-refundable hotel offers, coach tours and many scheduled transport providers the cancellation charges be as high as 100%, as soon as the booking is made and the ticket is issued. Please ask for full details of cancellation charges at time of booking. Please check your insurance policy to see if you are covered for the cancellation charge.


Certain visas and/or documents that assist you, the traveller, in obtaining a visa do have some restrictions and costs that are applied by third party suppliers. Should you cancel a trip that has had visas and/or documents that have assisted you in obtaining a visa, then all of these costs will be passed onto you the traveller. Furthermore, as a company that wishes to maintain the highest levels of ethics, certain requests and bookings that are deemed to be suspect in the sole discretion of the company, such as when clearly the traveller’s sole intention is to make the booking in order to cancel it once the relevant document has been issued, will result in a R1,500 per person administration charge over and above any costs applied by our third party suppliers. It will also be in the sole discretion of the company to report such behaviour to the authorities and/or SAPS.


12. Air Tickets / E-Tickets (collectively referred to as ‘tickets’)

Both the Company and Suppliers are required to issue tickets within a specified time stipulated by the airline/s so as to avoid outright cancellation of the flight bookings by the airlines. At the time of making the flight bookings, the Company’s consultant will advise the clients of the dead-line stipulated by the airline to issue the tickets so as to avoid cancellation of the bookings. The onus is up to the client/s to make payment timeously so that the tickets can be issued by the stipulated date.

·          At time of confirming the flight bookings, the Travel Consultant will also advise the client/s of the rules pertaining to the air fare including cancellation fees, amendment fees etc.

·          All tickets / air fares are subject to the airline’s terms and conditions.

·          Some air fares carry 100% cancellation fees.

·          Seat and meal requests cannot be guaranteed.

·          Airfares are subject to the price and conditions quoted by the airlines and cannot be guaranteed by the Company and this applies especially regarding airport taxes for the entire journey.

·          A professional service fee will be charged by the Company for all air tickets issued, reissued and revalidated.

·          The client must be ready to show his/her identity document on check-in (note: some airlines will not accept driver’s licenses as forms of identification). This will apply for all members of the travelling party including minor children.

·          All tickets must be used in the exact sequence in which the flight coupons have been issued as otherwise the tickets for the entire journey become null and void as tickets may not be used out of the original sequence. This also applies to the non-use of any one coupon.

·          Some airlines may require you to provide the credit card with which payment was effected.


13. Travel Insurance

It is strongly advised that all Clients take out adequate insurance cover such as cancellation due to illness, accident or injury personal accident and personal liability, loss of or damage to baggage and sports equipment (Note that is not an exhaustive list). The Company will not be responsible or liable if the Client fails to take adequate insurance cover or at all. It shall not be obligatory upon the Company to effect insurance for the Client except upon detailed instructions given in writing and all insurance affected by the Company pursuant to such instruction will be subject to such exceptions and conditions as may be imposed by the insurance company or underwriters accepting the risk, and the Company shall not be obliged to obtain separate cover for any risks so excluded. Should the insurers dispute their liability for any reason, the Client will have recourse against the insurers only. Once the insurance has been confirmed and paid for, the Client will be issued with a policy document of the insurer. It is a complex document, which must be read BEFORE YOU initiate your travel so that you can address any queries you may have to the insurer PRIOR to your departure.

Please note that various credit card companies offer limited levels of travel insurance, which the Company does not consider sufficient cover for international travel. Kindly check with the respective credit card companies in order to obtain the specific details of the cover.


14. Traveling with Children

Following the announcement of the new regulation put into place by the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding travelling with children in and out of South Africa, please take urgent note of the below summary and the extract from the Publication of the Draft Immigration Regulations 2014 in regard to documentation

required when travelling with children under 18 years.

·          Both parents travelling with child(ren) under the age of 18 years have to produce a full/unabridged birth certificate for the child (both parents’ details must be on the birth certificate)

·          One parent travelling with child(ren) must have consent from other parent in the form of an affidavit or custody agreement confirming permission to travel with child(ren)

·          One parent travelling with child(ren) and other parent passed away, must produce death certificate of deceased parent.

·          Guardians travelling with child(ren) must provide affidavits from parents giving permission for child(ren) to travel


Failure to provide these documents can result in being denied entry.

Please note that the above requirements may be changed by government from time to time so please check with us and/or the Department of Home Affairs before your departure.


15. Conduct While Travelling

We reserve the right to refuse to accept you as a customer or continue dealing with you if your behaviour is disruptive or affects other travellers or is threatening or abusive towards our staff or agents in South Africa and Europe either on the telephone, in writing or in person. If the Captain of your flight or cruise ship or any of our local and international staff and supplier’s staff believes that you could be disruptive or that you are suffering from a contagious disease, they can also refuse to let you proceed with your Holiday or restrict your movements on board or disembark you from a ship or aircraft. If you are disruptive and this means you are not allowed to board the flight outbound from South Africa, we will treat your Holiday as cancelled by you from that moment, and you will have to pay full cancellation charges (see section 11). If this occurs overseas then you will become responsible for your own return home and any other members of your group who cannot or will not travel without you. If you are refused carriage because of your disruptive behaviour, or you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your airline may pass on your details and date of the refusal of carriage to other airlines for their information. This in turn may make it difficult for you to book other airline tickets. In any of these circumstances no refunds or compensation will be paid to you and we may make a claim against you for any costs and expenses incurred as a result of your behaviour.


16. Your accommodation

Any accommodation we arrange for you must only be used by those people named on your Confirmation Invoice (or on latest Amendment Invoice issued). You are not allowed to share the accommodation or let anyone else stay there. You are responsible for the cost of any damage caused to your accommodation or its contents during your stay; these charges must be met by you and may have to be paid locally. Important to know, triple and quad rooms may not always contain three or four separate full size single beds. One or more folding beds may be used.


17. The conditions of your ticket

When you travel by air or by sea, your journey may be subject to certain international conventions such as the Warsaw Convention, Montreal Convention or Athens Convention. You agree that the transport company’s own ‘Conditions of Carriage’ will apply to you on that journey. When arranging this transportation for you, we rely on the terms and conditions contained within these international conventions and those ‘Conditions of Carriage'. You acknowledge that all of these terms and conditions form part of your contract with us as well as with the transport company. You can ask us or the travel agent booking your holiday to provide you with a copy of any of the conditions applicable to your journey. The airline's terms and conditions are available on request. We will tell you the identity of the air carrier when you book with us and if it is not known at that time or subsequently changes we will inform you as soon as possible and no later than at check-in for your flight.


You must be ready to show your identity document and possibly your credit card at the check-in counter of the airline concerned. This will apply to all members of a travelling party and for EACH MINOR.


18. Contacting you

We will communicate with you using the e-mail address you have provided. For example, to provide your e-confirmation, e-ticket, e-cancellation, etc. We will assume that your e-mail address is correct and that you understand the risks associated with using this form of communication. Please note that you may still have to contact us via our call centre or in writing as required in our terms and conditions.


19. Passports, Visas & Health

It is entirely the Client’s duty to ensure that all passports and visas are current, valid, obtained on time, and will be valid for six months after return to home country and that any vaccinations, inoculations, prophylactic (e.g. for malaria) and the like, where required, have been obtained. Please check the requirements with the Company before travelling. The Company will endeavour to assist the Client but such assistance will be at the Company's discretion and the Client acknowledges that in doing so, the Company is not assuming any obligation or liability and the Client indemnifies the Company against any consequences of non-compliance. It is the Client’s duty to familiarise him/herself with the inherent dangers of and mental and/or physical condition required for the Proposed Travel Arrangements. Please note that All visitors to South Africa and all clients who are travelling from RSA to another country are required to have a minimum of three blank pages in their passport excluding the front and back cover to enable the entry visa to be issued – However in each case a further enquiry should be addressed to the consulate or embassy of the relevant countries being visited. If there is insufficient space in the passport entry will be denied and the person is likely to be detained pending return to their country of origin. Please ensure that all passports are renewed. The Client must ensure that the details supplied to the Company mirror those details shown on their passport for international travel and ID documents for local travel.

Please note that a visa does not guarantee entry to any given country at point of entry and boarding of an aircraft may be denied at any point even if you have a valid visa.


New Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements for South Africa (If Applicable)

·          Passport must be valid for at least 30 day after intended date of departure from South Africa

·          Passport must have two blank ‘visa’ pages (please note that blank ‘endorsement’ pages will not suffice)

·          Visitors to South Africa for tourism, short business meetings or transit: no visa needed for up to 90 days. No extension available on tourism visas.

·          All other travellers need visas (incl. academics, students on educational trips, entrepreneurs, workers and volunteers). Must apply in person in country

·          of ordinary residence or citizenship.

·          A change of visitor visa status is not possible while in South Africa, so visitors intending to work in South Africa must apply for work visas before arrival in South Africa.

·          Overstaying a visa expiry date can result in being declared undesirable and being barred from entering South Africa for a specific period of time.


20. Further Important Information

1.         CONFIRMATION OF TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: All onward travel arrangements (local and international & on return to RSA, domestic connecting flights) must be reconfirmed by the Client 72 hours prior to departure.

2.         INTERNET BOOKINGS – If the Client requests or instructs the Company to do bookings via the Internet, the Client irrevocably authorises the Company to do the following on its behalf (1) make any selections of and for the Proposed Travel Arrangements (2) make payments and (3) accept booking conditions.

3.         DRIVER’S LICENCE: Even if you have obtained an international driver’s licence, please take your national driver’s licence with you

4.         TAXES & SURCHARGES: Where possible airport and airlines taxes and surcharges are reflected in all prices. It should be noted that certain airlines invoke additional taxes and/or surcharges if any changes are made to the tickets and/or routing even if the ticket has been fully paid. Furthermore it is important that you check with the Company prior to departure from South Africa what the current airport departure tax is of all the countries you will be passing though as these taxes are usually payable in the local currency and must be provided for

5.         SPECIAL REQUESTS - Client, who has special requests, must specify such requests to the Company in the Enquiry. Whilst the Company will use its best endeavours to accommodate such requests, it does not guarantee that it will.


21. Confidentiality

Subject to statutory constraints or compliance with an order of court, the Company undertakes to deal with all Client information of a personal nature on a strictly confidential basis.


22. Copyright

The Conditions and any intellectual property and specifically copyright therein and any proposals, presentations, estimates, quotes and itineraries provided by the Company shall remain the sole and exclusive property of the Company


23. Supplier booking & agent terms of use

Additional supplier agent terms of use.


The Client furthermore undertakes not to circumvent the Company and to make any approaches to or enter into any arrangements for any concept similar in part or as a whole to that contained in any of the proposals, presentations, estimates and quotes provided by the Company with any of the Suppliers or any other service providers or venues for a period of 1 (One) year from the date of submission of any proposals, presentations, estimates and quotes provided by the Company.


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